Hello everyone, my name is Josiah, and my hope with this project is that I can find good ideas and share them. Good idea’s are like mental tools, things that make interacting with the world easier. Bad ideas are the opposite, they confuse and befuddle. Thinking with bad ideas can make a person work towards outcomes they don’t want, or obstruct efforts they support, or withdraw completely from a problem that looks impossible to understand in the first place. When I see these idea’s, these diseased memes, out in the world I try and figure out a new way to look at things and hope that they are useful. To whit:

My best friend does acoustics for a living, and sometimes he needs to make room quieter. And when you need to make a room quieter you have to listen for the loudest thing in the room because you can’t hear any of the other, quieter, problems with that room. And then you have to go down the list, loudest to quietest until the room is quiet enough. I use this quite frequently as a metaphor to prioritize. And so here at the beginning of this blog I want to talk about a lot of things in the world that matter to me.

  • Social justice issues, large and small. People should be treated by the content of their character and nothing else. Not the color of their skin, not their sexual predilections, and not whether or not you think their clothing goes with their genitalia.
  • For a lot of folks in the atheist and secular community they worry about how little scientific rationalism gets applied to things like teaching evolution or school payer. Myself I find it really shocking how little evidentiary argument gets utilised in realms like drug policy and economics. We should have the courage to face what is true, even if it makes us uncomfortable, but this is not just the case when it comes to physics and biology. The¬†policy implications of evidence should be more thoroughly taken on board.
  • Evolutionary psychology is my intellectual bedrock when it comes to thinking about people. An analysis of human behavior that doesn’t at least consider our evolutionary background is like a political argument that ignores history.
  • And lastly I believe that we have inherited a dangerous and unhealthy set of beliefs about our bodies and our sexuality. Dan Savage is my guiding light in these matters. I don’t think we have done enough to shed our victorian and bronze age cultural heritage about this issue. Remember: if no one got hurt, or could have gotten hurt, you didn’t do anything wrong.

I really hope you find this blog interesting and helpful, I do my best work in dialogue, so please post comments or questions.