The media is locked into a model of storytelling focused on conflict. And, any two subjects in a conflict worth covering are implied to be equivalent, unless you take time to say otherwise. So when the mass media cover party politics they talk about “left” and “right” as if they were equidistant from the center.

Over the years right leaning think tanks have taken advantage of the media’s calcified notions of ethics in a number of interesting ways. Notably for this piece they have taken to referring to the most left leaning policy in the public discourse as “extreme” no matter what. Over the last several decades, through this method and others, they have pulled the entire political spectrum to the right.¹

This dynamic has become so pronounced that when Barack Obama proposed a set of health care reforms, reforms that had their roots in the conservative think tank The Heritage Foundation, his policy was called a liberal government takeover . This leaves the majority the American public being told that the range of policy responses to a broken healthcare system go from free market anarchy on the right, to right wing pro business think tank solutions on the left. And to date, in a conspiracy of cowardice between the media and the democrats actual left wing ideas only get mentioned disparagingly.

Bernie Sanders isn’t an independent democrat, he’s a socialist. Socialism is a political and economic stance not radically different from capitalism, and its not a code word for communism. He is a real actual socialist with a clear voice and concrete policy positions. Positions that are way to the left of Barack Obama. You should support Bernie Sanders for the sake of a public discourse that describes moderate things as moderate and not extremist left wing nutjobery. Help put him on the stage so when CNN’s lazy ass talks about politics they will have no choice but to admit that most democrats in this country are way closer to the center of the political spectrum than the republicans would like you to know.


¹Interestingly this is mostly been true about money issues. The country’s change of heart about gay marriage is a clear exception to this shift to the right.